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From Zero to App

Duncan Brown

June 26, 2019


Having had a very extended hiatus and a change of circumstances it is now time to resume blogging.

As a method of recording my learning and methods, I will be creating a single page web application and RESTful API backend, I will be blogging each step of the way so, come along for the ride and we may just both learn a thing or two.

The first step is to decide on the requirements for our application, this will be our guide to inform decisions during our development process.

The app idea

Fleet Manager - aimed at business owners and transport managers, to enable the management of fleet vehicles.

Vehicles owned and operated by the business are entered onto the system, details on the vehicle, servicing, issues and other regular activities are recorded. The system can produce reports on all vehicles entered, send reminders for recurring activities and allow users to record issues.

The tech stack

The backend will be developed in PHP, using Symfony to provide a restful API. The frontend will be developed using the React library as a single page progressive web app.

Up next

This post is just a quick one because I am also still in the process of setting up this blog with Gatsby, there may be more on this at a later time. Next time I will cover the endpoints that will be required for our web app.

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